Who is Iconic Management?.

Iconic Management is a branding, design and marketing company. By thinking intelligently new about brand, we strive to exceed the expectation of our clients on all levels. Our intellectual input results in our clients becoming more brand intelligent and working to increase their brand equity. From designing the basic logo, building your corporate identity to branding a business into a trusted name known for quality and service with specialized marketing campaigns. As a full-service brand, marketing and ad campaign management company based in Nelspruit, South Africa, we provide our clients with sustainable growth through our innovative, customer-centric approach to digital and printed marketing.

The Desinger

Odette Hartzenberg is a seasoned graphic designer who acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in graphic design, printed media, advertising and branding. In addition to her professional career of more than 17 years in the industry, she also established herself as a professional photographer. She also holds senior qualifications in Fine Arts and Graphic Design.

Her clients comprise of corporate companies to the likes of Ford SA, Union Motors, SABS, Nikon, Jenopik Germany, SA Veterinary Association as well as Outlook Africa. Other clients in the commercial sector are Kolonade Shopping Center, Northgate and also Temba City Shopping Centers. Furthermore she has done work in the tourism industry for Marina Macaneta, K'Shani, or rather Likweti and Nelspruit Lodge. She also serviced Gomo Gomo Game Lodge, Londolozi, Mabevonne, Dawsons, Ngongoni, Papermoon and finally Low Hills.

Another field she was well known and loved in, was the Media Industry where she devoted many of her years to Caxton. As a result, she established herself as a senior layout artist for publications such as The Lowvelder, White River Post, Hazyview Herald, Mpumalanga News, Baberton Times, Die Boer, Corridor Gazette and consequently assisted with the kick-off of the GetIt Lowveld Magazine. Due to her expertise, she was also approached for projects with Media 24 publications of Beeld and Citizen. As much as she loved the newspaper world, her passion for magazines guided her to involve her talents with O Magazine, True Love, The Wedding Guide, Get Away, Out There and most of all for clients advertising in the GSA magazine.

The Web Developer

He knows all!!. He is our tall dark and handsome hunk. Our mystery man... He is our Yedi, our wise and fearless wizard on the web. For fix any problem he will know how to. He has as much experience of web development and web design as Richard Branson has in making money!!

He is experienced in intrecate websites to the likes of Silulmanzi Sembcorp, Canada Abroad, Zak&Isabella.

The Salesman

He is the nice guy that knows how to work social media.Hardus Hartzenberg has been in sales and marketing since '93 and seen the industry change dramatically. Digital Marketing is a cost effective and focused marketing and advertising tool since the digital age was birthed. But the value of face to face appointments has never been more evident than today. People still buy from other people, not machines.

His sales and marketing expertise in the agricultural, engineering and entertainment industries has given him an edge above his competitors. He understands that every company's approach to their market is unique to their brand, their corporate identity and company vision. He has worked with Nedbank, Ocean Agricultural, The Comfort Zone, Heat Africa, Virgin Active, Health and Racquet, ESKOM, Batterboys, GNLD, Ruggedwear, Roche Safaris, Gravelotte Game Farm to name a few.