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February 11, 2019
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July 17, 2019

Disruptive Marketing

Break the rules of marketing, think outside the box, anticipate the market trends, fill the gap and displace the established. It requires market research and analysis. For more info contact us about online sentiment analysis.

"People want to connect"

What is it really all about?

Netflix vs SACBW and DSTV
Source: Bloomberg

The benefits of disruptive marketing

Shifting the perception

One of the benefits of disruptive marketing is the ability to shift your brand’s customer perception from just another company selling something boring and mediocre, to a brand identity of someone who understands your needs and fill them.

Connect, engage, create

Disruptive marketing also allows you to connect with your customers. To research of your target market you certainly need to engage with them on a personal level. This is far more rewarding than duplicating the same old repetitive content over and over again. You can get creative and tell a story that speaks to your customers, thus connect with them and prompting them to engage with you.

No more copy-cats

Once you’ve created the wave in your industry, you are riding it, and no one else can duplicate the effect you’ve created. Even if the try to do something similar, it won’t have the same effect, because the impact comes from being original, not the same as the trend setter.

How do you use disruptive marketing?

Just do it!!

Give it a try and reap the results. Get in touch with us at Iconic Marketing to help you create your own BUZZ.